John Wayne as Sean Thornton - The Quiet Man"It was because of what John Wayne said about what we are and what we can be that his great and deep love of America can be returned in full measure".... Jimmy Carter

This web site is meant as a tribute to honor the memory of John Wayne, American. During his film career of almost 50 years, so much has been written about him. From the early days of Hollywood's silent films to the modern era of high tech movie making one thing has remained constant - the love of John Wayne and all he stood for. He was and is truly "one of Hollywood's legendary stars."

Ronald Reagan's tribute to his long time friend, John Wayne.

John Wayne-Patriot
John Wayne works with the USO, visits the troops and is honored by the military with a Army RAH-66 Helicopter named the "Duke."

The Bracelet
The story behind John Wayne's POW and Montagnard bracelets.

In the News
John Wayne was often in the news. Here are some little known news events.

Congressional Gold Medal
The United States honors John Wayne with a gold medal.

John Wayne Facts
Are you wanting to know how tall John Wayne was, where he was born, where he went to school, etc.. Check out this quick fact sheet on the Duke.

Memorable Moments
A tribute to special scenes and quotes from the movies of John Wayne.

John Wayne Trivia
Fun and interesting trivia in the life and film career of John Wayne.

John Wayne Tour
There are lots of "Duke" places to visit in California. Read our humorous account of "the John Wayne" tour.

John Wayne Military Movies
Duke represented all branches of the Armed Forces during his film career.



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Newly remastered John Wayne classics, bonus features include .. John Wayne home movies!!

Check out the John Wayne Movies page!!



John Wayne gifts

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I have long been a fan of John Wayne. Through his honesty of living and grace in the face of adversity and criticism as well as all the glory he showed us all that he was truly a man of honor. John Wayne said that his father told him:
"Always keep your word, never intentionally insult anyone, and don't go around looking for trouble." I believe he kept his fathers wish all during his life. We all could learn something from this man. I hope you enjoy my tribute to the Duke - actor, patriot, man of honor.


This is an unofficial fan page and is not associated with or endorsed by anyone but myself. This page was done purely for my own enjoyment and education and not meant to compete with any of the other fine pages on John Wayne out there on the web. The facts come from many sources and are common knowledge. I have set up a *credits* page and tried to give proper credit to all. If I have left out any credits, please inform me and I will be sure to add it. Or if you prefer, LET ME KNOW and I will be happy to remove it. Thanks, James
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